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January 2015 Goal Re-Cap

I started out the year by posting my 10 goals for 2015, and I decided to post monthly recaps on these goals to really help me stay accountable.


I have not done as well with these goals as I had originally planned, but this is why I wanted to share this with you…I have just had a little wake- up call going over these goals. I definitely need to focus more and make a daily to -do list with these goals in mind. Let’s review:


1. Read 52 personal development books this year, 1 a week. I ended up reading 3 books in January.

Sun Stand Still by: Steven Furtick – This was such a great book by one of my favorite pastors. The book teaches and challenges us to ask and believe God for the impossible and take full advantage of the awesome power that is available to us from the Holy Spirit.The title, Sun Stand Still comes from a passage in the Bible, Joshua 10, describing  a highly unusual event. Joshua prayed and God caused the sun to stand still for a full extra day. The book will definitely challenge you to start living a life beyond the ordinary. 

The next book I read was The Slight Edge by: Jeff Olsen. I really enjoyed this book a lot! It was quite an eye opener to me. The author talks about how everyday we have the choice to lead a life towards happiness and success or choose a path towards average and ordinary. By choosing to do daily, consistent behaviors that will add up towards fulfilling our goals in life we will have an edge over someone that chooses not to do those same behaviors which in turn will lead towards a life of unfilled goals and dreams. The ideas of the book sound simple, but it is something we all need to hear.

I also read Coffee Shop Inspirations: Simple Strategies For Building Dynamic Leadership And Relationships. I got this as a free Kindle book on Amazon. It was a quick read and I picked up some really interesting and helpful points on leadership. 



2. Read 2 books a month out loud with the kids, along with a daily devotion.

In January we read a BoxCar Children’s book together. It was a fun read and I am glad we read this out loud together; it was not a book that my boys would have picked up on their own but I want them to enjoy some of the books I enjoyed in my childhood. We started on our 2nd book for the book but did not finish at the month’s end.

We are also reading Jesus Calling: 365 devotions for kids. This has become a nightly routine for us and we are all really enjoying reading God’s word and studying more about specific situations that relate to children. 



3. Follow a budget and work towards becoming debt free.

We are working on this and I am believing and praying on becoming completely debt free in 2015. We have a couple of exciting things coming up that should help us achieve this; hopefully I will be able to share with you soon!



4. Complete from start to finish 5 Beachbody programs: 21 Day Fix, Insanity Max 30, Les Mills Pump, TBD, TBD

 All of January I followed the 21 Day Fix workout calendar! I did not get as strict with the meal plan that I should have and the results suffered because of that. I have decided to switch things up and instead of moving into Insanity Max 30, I am starting 21 Day Fix EXTREME in Feb!! I plan to go ALL IN with this one and can’t wait to share my results with you!!


5. Grow my social media accounts to a combined 50, 000 followers.

 I have not been very proactive with this one. I have seen growth in my Instagram account, but this is something I need to work on for sure!


6. Complete all of the Chalene Johnson online courses: Instagram Impact, Courageous Confidence, Smart Success Academy, Marketing Impact Academy

 I have not started any of these courses yet… Next on my list!


7. Earn the free vacation provided by Beachbody.

 I am registered for the Beachbody Cruise in 2016!!! I am continuing to work hard so it will be completely paid for!


8. Complete all the She Reads Truth 2015 Bible Studies.

 I absolutely LOVE these Bible Studies!! We worked our way through the book of John in Jan and really studied about Jesus’ life on earth.


9. Spend more quality, joyful time with my family – including 2 date nights a month with Mike.

 Yes and Yes! Love my family time and quality time with my hubby!!! We did get 2 date nights as well!!


10. Blog at least 3 times per week.

Sadly, I have not been consistent with this at all! I have posted a few recipes, but not any quality blog post. Something else to work on…