Loaded Chicken or Tuna Salad – Clean Eating Style

I came across this recipe while scrolling Pinterest one day and I knew I had to make it! The hardest meal for me when it comes to eating clean is LUNCH! I am never inspired by any lunch recipes. So when I saw this I thought it would be the perfect lunch.


Trust me it tastes as good as it looks!




You must go HERE and check out the recipe!!

Baked Oatmeal Cups

We are always looking for new recipes for breakfast that can double as a snack. These baked oatmeal cups are the perfect solution! I usually take the word oatmeal right out of the title since my kids think they don’t like oatmeal.. 😉 I just call them muffins and they are a HUGE hit! Plus my kids love that they can choose what toppings they like.


You can eat them like a muffin for an easy grab-and-go breakfast or you can eat them like oatmeal by simply putting in a bowl and stirring in a little warm milk. I store leftovers in the freezer, take one out the night before to thaw in the fridge and reheat in the microwave for about 60 seconds.

makes 12 servings

1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cups applesauce, unsweetened
1 banana, mashed
1/4 cup honey
2 1/2 cups, Old Fashioned rolled oats
1/8 cup chai seeds (optional)
1 tablespoon ground cinnamon
1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cups milk
Optional toppings: blueberries, raisins, walnuts, chocolate chips, pomegranate seeds.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Mix eggs, vanilla, applesauce, banana and honey together in a bowl.
Add in oats, chai seeds (if using), cinnamon, baking powder, salt and mix well with wet ingredients.
Finally pour in milk and combine.
Line a 12 cup muffin tin with paper liners.
Divide mixture evenly into muffin tin cups. I used a 1/4 measuring cup, measure just a tad under 1/4 cup to make 12 servings.
Bake 30 minutes until a toothpick in center comes out clean. Cool and enjoy or freeze them in gallon freezer bags.

Add the toppings…
We like strawberries, blueberries, chocolate chips, bananas or a mixture.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan


I am so excited to be starting the 21 Day Fix program and meal plan on Monday! I completed this program about a year ago and had great results so I have decided to go all in once again.


As most of you know I had a complete hysterectomy in April and at the time I heard from so many people that everyone gains 10 lbs after this type of surgery. Of course, all along I kept thinking to myself yea, but not me! Boy, was I ever wrong! I not only gained 10 lbs, but I am now 15 lbs away from my goal weight!


After several months of absolutely no activity and bad eating habits I am ready for a change! The 21 Day Fix Program is just want I need. The workouts are only 30 minutes a day and each day is different so there is a variety of types including: cardio, upper & lower body, Pilates and yoga. This is perfect for me because I tend to get board with the same type of workout very easily and I have to admit cardio is not favorite. I only like cardio in small doses!


A big part of this program and what really helps generate the biggest results is the nutrition guide. There is an entire guide that helps you determine what types of food and how much of each type you should be eating each day. Also, included are portion control containers so you will never overeat.

Each day I get the following:  3 green (vegetables), 2 purple (fruit), 4 red (protein), 2 yellow (carbs), 1 blue (fats and cheeses), 1 orange (seeds and oils), and 2 teaspoons (cooking oils and nut butters).

All spices (except salt), fresh herbs, vinegars, mustards, garlic, ginger, lemon and lime juices, tabasco and flavor extras are all considered “free foods” so use these as much as you want.

I will be following the nutrition completely and drinking Shakeology daily!



I just spent quite a bit of time researching the guide, my past recipes, and on Pinterest to come up with 2 weeks worth of family friendly, 21 Day Fix approved recipes and meal plan! Since I am the cook in the family whenever I decide to eat according to a certain plan the entire family “gets” to jump on board and join me. 😉 I hope you check out these recipes and enjoy them as much as we do!


If you would like more info on the 21 Day Fix or want to join me take on the 21 Day challenge please contact me. I will have a private FB group set up with a group of several other ladies and we will all be taking on this challenge together.



Peanut Butter Cheesecake Shakeology


Egg Muffins




Fruit & Veggies

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips

Shakeology Brownie Protein Bites

Banana Oatmeal Cookies




Grilled Chicken Wrap

Minestrone Soup




Mexican Lasagna

Baked Ziti

Sweet Potato, Bacon, Turkey Burger – I plan to eat mine with lettuce, tomato, avocado without the bun or maybe just half the bun.

Pork Carnitas

Black Bean and Quinoa Enchilada Bake

Chicken Bake

Pork Chops with Sauteed Spinach

Baked Fish, Sweet Potatoes, Veggies

Chicken Quesadillas

Lasagna Roll-Ups

BBQ Chicken, Wild Rice, Veggies

Crock Pot Lemon Chicken, Pasta & Veggies









New week, New meal plan!

The time has come for me and my family to get back on track with eating clean. Since my surgery, 6 weeks ago, we have pretty much ate whatever we wanted. Of course, as a result we have all gained a little weight, have less energy and just don’t feel as great. It is really amazing what good food can do for your body and how different you can feel when you get off track.


I have planned a brand, new meal plan for the next 2 weeks and just finished a HUGE grocery haul!


IMG_1382 (800x545)

Most of the recipes listed below can either be found here on my website (under the Eat Clean tab) or pinned on my Pinterest account (here).



I stick to Shakeology every, single day! Absolutely love it and can go without it 😉



Roasted Veggies

Quinoa Avocado Spinach Salad

Taco Salad




Boiled Eggs

Apples with Peanut Butter

Fruit Salad

Healthy Oatmeal Cookies


Turkey Avocado Burgers and Cantaloupe

Beef Stew with Carrots and Butternut Squash

Roasted Pork Loin, Red Potatoes, and Green Beans

Chicken Stir Fry with Spaghetti Squash

Strawberry Avocado Chicken Salad

Lemon, Chicken, Sweet Potatoes, Asparagus

Fish Tacos

Shepherd’s Pie

Baked Chicken, Potatoes, Veggie

Fish Taco Bowls



I am extra excited because lots of the veggies are coming FRESH from our garden, including the spaghetti squash! We have also been fishing a lot lately so the fish is fresh as well. We are getting closer, closer to living off the land!

IMG_1244 (600x800)

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