30 Days to a Healthier, Better You!!

I am so excited about this brand new group starting soon, 30 Days to a Healthier, Better You!!

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Over the past few months I have really slipped back into some old, unhealthy habits and as a result I have been feeling sluggish, tired, irritable, and I have gained weight. I am now proud to say that I am climbing my way out the hole that I allowed myself to fall in because of poor choices; however, it is NOT EASY! I know how it feels to want to give up. I also know very well how it feels when I do give up and have to constantly start over.

What I have finally figured out is that I can not do this alone. When it comes to eating right and staying committing to an exercise program I will fail every time without my faith and support from others. It may seem odd to ask God to help you with eating right and exercising, but let me assure He wants to help you in EVERY area of your life. When I finally decided to include Him in my lifestyle change immediately I felt confident that I could actually do this and be successful.


As a part of my new group, 30 Days to a Healthier, Better You, I will teach you how I changed my mindset and completely rely on strength from the Lord to carry me through each day. We will work daily on not only building your physical strength, but your mental and spiritual strength as well. We will work through the book “Devotions For A Healthier You” together each morning so that we can start our day with a success oriented mind set. (book purchase not required)

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Each person that commits to the group will join me and the other committed participants in a private Facebook group for 30 days. Each day will start with a devotion and prayer. Throughout the day I will also post motivation, guidance, health & fitness tips and support everyone throughout the 30 day journey. I will work individually with each person on creating a meal plan customized for their needs and lifestyle. I will also help find the perfect exercise program that you can do individually in the comfort of your home. We will talk about your exercise preferences, time allotted for workouts, and fitness level to find the right program for you! Plus as a part of the group I will support you daily and hold everyone accountable to the becoming a Healthier, Better You!


Are you ready to commit to becoming a Healthier, Better You?!?! I would love to have you as a part of my group! Please fill out the short form below and I will be in touch with your very soon!

**I must be 100 % honest – the group will not be free. My monthly challengers get my best work energy all month, so I limit the number of spots to make sure we can really get to know one another & develop new healthy habits, not just a 30-day quick fix.

Of course, it is not just about the money. That’s why I give so many tips on social media daily. I want to help everyone! But in addition to wanting to respect my paying clients & my #1 job of raising my kiddos, I’ve seen over and over again that people are most likely to stay committed when they’ve made an investment in themselves. I want you to have that accountability advantage!**

So excited to see the group God brings together!

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