1st Day Back to Exercise

Over this past weekend I hit 6 weeks post op from my hysterectomy!! Wahoo!! 
I really didn’t think I would miss exercising… I was actually looking forward to an excuse to take a break. That was before I realized how quickly our bodies lose muscle mass and where there was once muscle now there is flab! So not cool!! I worked way too hard to lose any muscles I had so quickly. 
Today I am allowed to WALK!! Soooo Fitbit on and I am heading outside for a little exercise! It has been 6+ weeks since I have been able to exercise and I am so ready to start moving again! I have to begin with walking, but at least it’s something. 
I am hoping my FitBit will give me an idea of many steps I average in a day and how many more I should aim for each day. Anyone else use a FitBit? What is a good daily goal?

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